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Huang Ling - Yang (Itch) *highly recommended*
BOBO kiss me small

Shanghai-er Huang Ling released this album in 2007, and it recently got a boost in popularity when Supergirls 2009 contestant Yu Kewei sang it as part of the competition. It's just a fantastic album overall with a bit of RnB and Zhong Guo Feng, and some tracks are crazy. You'll just have to download to hear it. She was also recently the mirinda spokesperson with BOBO.

Rating: 10/10

01. High歌
02. 痒
03. 红眼睛
04. 软绵绵
05. 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你
06. 抬头我大牌
07. 一个人想你
08. 魔鬼身材
09. Ahiba (Used on Sims 2) (preview it here @ TY)
10. 夜来香

Download Here

Yang (Itch)

Isabelle Huang - Itch

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sounds very nice in the vid (although quite irritating due to the stereo) so will try out her album. thanks for sharing!

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